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My mom says I'm self-righteous but it's not my fault that everyone is crappier than me. - I'll bet you have intestinal parasites. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Aurora Linnea

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My mom says I'm self-righteous but it's not my fault that everyone is crappier than me. [Feb. 15th, 2007|02:11 pm]
Aurora Linnea
[mood |fullEat the rich.]
[music |The Au Pairs, Josef K]

Admittedly, it may be that I am crappier than everyone. I'm actually pretty sure that that is the case.

We've got about two feet of snow on the ground. I am exceedingly pleased. Two snow days! So good! I'm beyond tired of high school; I really can't handle it anymore. Thus, snow days are more magical than ever before. I tried to go sledding but ended up just sinking into the snow and sort of sitting there, which isn't as fun as it sounds. My shoes became very moist, and my coat (which is massive and mangy faux-fur from Salvo) weighed about three tons when soaked through. My mom had to pull me out of the snow drift because I couldn't do anything but flail about and moan.

No school on Valentine's Day is the best thing that's happened to me in years. If I'd had to be there, watching my moronic peers give one another wilted carnations and heart-shaped doilies and awkward hugs, I probably would have choked on my own hyper-acidic vomit. Hey! All of my friends hate me because all I do is say stuff like that and they're like, "Aurora, STOP." But I hate them too, because they're idiots.

Ummmm...still haven't found out about college. I'm probably not going. Instead, I think I'll live in a krautrock brothel with German prostitutes and sell my organs to science. Who needs a gallbladder, anyway? What does that particular body part even do? I had an interview with Columbia and totally screwed it up because I can't speak to people without sounding like a lunatic/jerkface. It was really great.

Happy belated Valentine's Day, kids.

[User Picture]From: battyaurora
2007-02-17 01:24 am (UTC)
My coat is fabulash. When I bought it, the lining was full of this yellow powder stuff that left a trail on the floor as I walked about. It's leopard print and full-length and very '60s. I A-D-O-R-E it. Thanks a bunch, dear ol' Salvo.

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